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A Note from Chris


Welcome to my website!


As Kane County Board Chairman and your former State Senator, I have had the privilege of serving the residents of Kane County with honesty, competence, and common-sense. I am very proud of my record for serving the people. With your support, I will continue to serve you as Kane County Treasurer – devoting my work to improve the lives of Kane County residents.


My priorities as Chairman included freezing the county property tax levy, treating people as respectfully as possible, and providing honest competent administration through austerity and innovation. 

Best regards,

Meet Chris

Why I'm Running

Improve return on county investments
Increase money earned for you on our $250 Million in County Reserves by at least $1 million per year. (click here)

More money in the county's reserves 
will keep the ever growing tax burden low on you and your family. 

To serve as your spending watchdog.
I'll be your spending watchdog and make sure you're informed about where/how your money is spent. (click here)

We will strive for 100% transparency so that you will always know where and how your money is being spent.
Improve services for you and taxpayers.
Why I'm Running
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Promises Made Promises Kept

Property Tax Relief

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Debt Reduction


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